Saints and Sinners Mythalogica Erotic Ball

Dare to explore the enchanting boundaries between the divine and the profane at this year’s Saints & Sinners Erotic Ball, themed “Mythalogica.” As dusk falls, we invite you to join us in a realm where ancient gods and goddesses mingle with mortals, where mythical creatures roam free, and where the legends of old come alive in a night of uninhibited revelry and sensuous spectacle.

Don your most captivating attire inspired by the myths and legends that have tantalised humanity for centuries. From the opulent halls of Olympus to the shadowy depths of the Underworld, immerse yourself in a world of erotic fantasy brought to life through mesmerising performances, seductive music, and an atmosphere dripping with the divine decadence of a bygone era.

With every turn, find yourself ensnared in tales of love, power, and passion. Participate in rituals of pleasure and liberation, witness acts of beauty and strength, and dance under the spell of the gods until the dawn. The Mythalogica Saints & Sinners Erotic Ball is not just an event; it’s a passage to a world where the ethereal and the erotic dance in perfect harmony.

This is your invitation to transcend the ordinary and partake in an unparalleled celebration of beauty, desire, and myth. Join us for a night where fantasies unfold, secrets are unveiled, and the ancient world’s allure meets the modern spirit of adventure and sensuality.

Are you ready to write your legend?

Costume ideas?

Greek Gods and Goddesses – Embody the Olympian deities with costumes representing Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite, or Apollo, complete with togas, laurel wreaths, and golden accessories.

Norse Mythology – Channel the fierce spirits of the North with Viking warrior outfits, or dress as deities like Loki or Freya, incorporating fur, runes, and symbolic weaponry.

Egyptian Divinities – Adorn yourself as Cleopatra, Anubis, or Osiris, using elaborate jewelry, headpieces, and hieroglyphic patterns.

Celtic Enchanters – Invoke the mystical allure of druids, bards, and fairies with flowing robes, Celtic knots, and natural elements like leaves and flowers.

Hindu Gods and Goddesses – Capture the vibrant and intricate essence of deities like Shiva, Kali, or Lakshmi with colorful fabrics, face paint, and detailed accessories.

Roman Gladiators and Goddesses – Step into the arena as a gladiator, or preside over the festivities as Venus or Minerva, with togas, armor pieces, and Roman sandals.

Fantasy Creatures – Unleash your imagination with costumes of dragons, unicorns, or centaurs, bringing mythical creatures to life through creative outfits.

Sirens and Sea Gods – Embrace the call of the ocean with mermaid tails, tridents, and shells, or as Poseidon, the god of the sea, with his crown and scepter.

Underworld Rulers – Delve into the darker side of mythology as Hades and Persephone, with crowns of bone and robes of black and red.

Legendary Heroes and Heroines – Dress as Achilles, Joan of Arc, or other famed figures from myth and legend, showcasing armor and weapons.

Star and Moon Deities – Capture the celestial beauty of night sky gods and goddesses, such as Selene or Nyx, with silver and blue tones and starry accessories.

Mythical Witches and Warlocks – Conjure the mystique of magic with capes, brooms, and potions, inspired by legendary sorcerers and enchantresses.

Fabled Monsters and Beasts – Transform into a Minotaur, Medusa, or Sphinx with creative makeup, prosthetics, and costumes that evoke fear and fascination.

Aztec and Mayan Gods – Pay homage to pre-Columbian mythology with costumes of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, or the jaguar warrior, using vibrant patterns and headdresses.


Be aware jeans, slacks or long trousers of ANY type, or cut-off jean shorts and a ripped T-shirt does NOT constitute erotic dress, and are completely and

no exceptions will be made to the above rule.

The following are our standard dress rules.

NO Full-Length Trousers (unless they’re chaps, or totally see-through with no underwear)

NO Full-Length Dresses (unless totally see-through and no underwear)

NO Coats

NO standard nightclub attire

NO ordinary street clothes

No Effort No Entry & No Refund

No Refund Policy – tickets will not be refunded once purchased . If you wish to transfer your ticket to another Saints & Sinners Ball, it may be possible depending on availability—please contact us. Transfers are valid for the same calendar year, up to the value of sum paid by you in respect of the event. email


Apr 05 - 06 2024


8:30 pm - 3:00 am

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