S&S Ball: October 2016 | Oceans of Sin

Dress theme: Oceans of Sin

For this theme we’re looking for all things nautical, or associated with water in some way, no matter how vague the connection. That means people, creatures or machines, mythical or real, who ride on top of the water, swim through it or dive down into it.
Obvious choices would include costumes such as pirates and buccaneers (or their wenches), as well as the more law-abiding citizens of the waves, such as navy crew or officers, or other kinds of sailors. Sea creatures are very welcome, from the cute and cuddly such as Dory, right on through to the demonic. You might be an Octopus or an Octopussy, a sea siren, a mermaid, a sea nymph, a surfer, a diver or maybe a sea witch. The cosplay freaks among you should be able to have a ball with this one. Creatures from the Black Lagoon are free to make an appearance, and makeup can be a great asset for this type of costume. Yes, we will allow boardies and bikinis for those of you who are too slack to think of anything else, but you should be prepared to be ridiculed and pointed at for your lack of effort.


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