Next Ball: Friday 8th October 2021

Australia’s biggest adult party returns with their Winter ball on Friday 8th October, 2021

Sinners are invited to our next party for 2021.

Tickets on sale now in our BOX OFFICE

Dress Theme: “Lust In Space”


Tickets on sale now in our BOX OFFICE

All activities will be within the COVID19 rules and restrictions applicable on the day of the function

Guests generally have a few drinks to loosen up and chat with others.
Soon after the entertainment kicks off followed by lots of dirty dancing. There are also fun competitions, with everyone encouraged to join in.

The theme of ‘Lust in Space’ simply means that we’d like you to be dressed in a sexy space theme of some kind. To put it another way, we want you to come along in some kind of costume that fits the theme and that also fulfils our normal dress code (lingerie, g-strings, etc, etc). Obvious possibilities include Astronauts, space cowgirls/boys, aliens, avatars, etc. Just as obviously we want these to have a strong sexual element, so just wearing a hi-vis vest, or turning up fully covered in medical scrubs is not going to cut the mustard, but wearing scrubs with your dick or tits hanging out is much better!

We much prefer that you dress to the theme, but you’re not obligated to follow that specific theme if you have an inkling to wear some other kind of sexy costume. You ARE still obligated to wear some kind of erotic attire that fulfils our normal dress code. This can be lingerie, g-strings, etc, or you can do something more elaborate. Most costumes should have a fair amount of flesh on show, but we do make allowances for some types of fetish-wear such as leather slave or Master gear. No exceptions will be made to the above rules, even if you’ve somehow managed to elude our fashion police previously. If in doubt, phone us to check. Fashion police will check everyone as they leave the change room, and people deemed to be not dressed properly will have only two choices – lose the clothes or leave the building. We are not joking! Doors open at 8.30pm.

Come along dressed in an EROTIC costume adapted from some kind of space themed costume.
Obvious possibilities include Astronaut, Space Cowboy/girl
Alien, Space Robot, Avatar etc.
Everyone is invited to enter our “Best Fancy Dress” competition.

We remind every guest that erotic dress is “obligatory”, and part of the entry requirements.

We have a cloakroom to hold your street clothes & personal items. Guests must not bring standalone cameras into the venue. You are, however, allowed to take photos of yourselves or your group/partner in one specific area within the venue using your mobile phone, provided you have everyone’s permission. If you breach this rule, your camera/phone will be confiscated and the memory stick and SIM wiped. Staff photographers and videographers will be on duty, but will not photograph your face unless you consent to it. Press & media are not admitted.

We do not admit single guys or groups of guys under any circumstances. End of story! Also, any female leaving the building before 3am must take her male partner with her. No exceptions.

The cost is $119.90 per couple, or $60 per single female, for which you get entry, basic munchies (eat beforehand), hot entertainment, free giveaways, fab music and a night to remember. Drinks are available at bar prices. The party will finish around 4.30am, giving you a bit of time to misbehave afterwards, should you so desire.

Tickets on sale now in our BOX OFFICE

See ya on the night!
Doors open at 8.30pm.


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