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Saints & Sinners Ball is a fun party aimed at broadminded adults.  The information below will answer most common questions about attending a Saints & Sinners Ball.

We ask you to read this guide before deciding whether to party with us because Saints & Sinners Ball is an adult event, “not for everyone”.

Saints & Sinners Ball Guide

General Information

Saints & Sinners invites fun couples who agree to the terms and conditions of an adult event, keeping in mind many of our guests are sexually uninhibited.  This includes dressing in erotic outfits (theme) and accepting what happens on the night as adult fun!

Arrival Information

Guests arrive from 8:30pm onwards, enjoying drinks and a chat at the bar to relax and loosen up.  Arrive in street clothes, present your tickets at reception where you will be escorted to the Changing Area.  This is where you are required to change into your erotic outfits.  Personal belongings and day clothes are then checked into our cloakroom for security.

What to bring?

  • A change of clothes and bag – arrive in street clothes and change into outfits*
  • Cash/EFTPOS/Credit Card – drinks
  • Tickets and proof of identity (drivers licence)

Saints & Sinners closes around 4.30am, when sinners may move on to any one of the many after-parties.


Saints & Sinners events are held in licensed venues (clubs) where we can guarantee security, privacy and a relaxed atmosphere.

To ensure security the exact location is not disclosed until you purchase your tickets, which will be emailed to you so you can either print them out or keep them on your phone. Either way, they will be scanned at the venue door on arrival.

The front door and reception area is patrolled by security personnel, leading to a changing area and secure cloakroom (store personal effects).

  • Bar: Cash/EFTPOS/Credit Card
  • Change room and secure cloakroom (store belongings)
  • Toilets: Male and female

Venues are temperature controlled (air conditioning/heating).

A fully stocked bar: Cash/EFTPOS/Credit Card

What Happens on the Night?

The music and stage entertainment starts early including strippers and erotic acts followed by loads of dirty dancing.  We encourage everyone to join in the fun and competitions, not forgetting that everyone is in the erotic outfit competition, you may even win!

Remember, just about anything goes… there are open areas where people are talking, dancing, drinking, meeting, feeling and…  there are more secluded areas where people can play a little more discreetly.

  • Dance Podiums: for those who like to exhibit themselves.
  • B&D Area: is always busy with resident Masters and Mistresses administering their pleasure
  • Grope Box: grab a grope or be groped in our world famous Grope Box
  • Playgrounds: not so discreet but secluded play areas for everyone

Do you have to be involved or do anything?

No!  You are free to do what you like provided you are dressed according to the strict dress policy.  If you prefer to watch others, dance, drink, chat then the choice is yours.

* Outfits: What to Wear?

Each ball has a dress theme (except New Year’s Eve) announced around ten weeks before each ball.  Use your imagination and have fun dressing for the theme, but the costume must be “erotic” in some way…  remember, it’s Saints & Sinners, so be daring!

We remind every guest that erotic dress is “obligatory”, and part of the entry requirements.

  • Women dress in lingerie and see-through garments.
  • Men wear G-strings with jackets or vests (occasionally dreaded boxer shorts)  leathers, chains, feathers, see-through garments and even naked bodies are permissible. Full-length pants are NOT permitted unless they are Chaps or fully see-through.
  • Footwear: Highly recommended in a public venue.  The ‘erotic dress’ rule does not apply to footwear, anything practical, runners, thongs, sandals are fine.

.. Be daring, have fun

Will I feel out of place wearing…?

Provided whatever you are wearing is naughty then the answer is NO!  Very much part of every ball is dressing up for the night and the excitement you get from wearing something you would not normally wear outside of the bedroom. If you’re looking for possible costumes, check out the SEXYLAND website

Photography and Filming

Camera and video equipment will be confiscated at the door!  You are not permitted to use camera’s, smartphones or any device to record anything inside the venue. Devices will be confiscated and destroyed! Press/Media are rarely admitted, and only if they abide by strict conditions imposed on our staff photographers and videographers. If we do allow any media to attend a ball, and you have bought tickets prior to being advised of this, we will happily offer you a full refund if you are unhappy with their presence.

Our Staff photographers and videographers have strict instructions to only film sinners with their “full consent”. In other words, you will be asked before filming.

Single Men and Women

  • Men – it may appear prejudiced but SINGLE MALES are not invited, regardless of whether they wish to come alone, or with other guys, or with couples.  We are simply enforcing the repeated requests of our regular guests who are couples and single women.
  • Women  – by themselves, groups or with couples are very welcome.

How many people will be there?

Between 900 and 1,200 guests attend each party during the year and around 750-800 on New Year’s Eve.

Disabled and Wheelchair Access

We cannot guarantee access to all venues. While we encourage the attendance of all groups, it must be pointed out that many hospitality venues do not provide full access facilities.

This is due to a lack of broadminded venue owners accepting and allowing adult-orientated events to use their premises. We request contacting us prior to purchasing tickets and we will advise access arrangements.

Interstate Guests

Information designed to assist interstate travellers.  More…

Next Ball?

The date for the next ball can always be found on the calendar page.  Four balls are held each year including the spectacular New Years Eve Ball.


Entry tickets are purchased in advance (not available at the door) online (download/email).

If you are unable to print them out, or simply don’t wish to, you can keep them on your mobile device for scanning at the venue door. If you need us to print them out for you, you MUST book by phone, and no later than seven days prior to the event so they can get to you in time.

Online, by telephone, or by post > Ticket Office

  1. Book and pay for tickets
  2. Receive tickets & venue details.
  3. Get ready to party

Sinners Club members receive a 10% discount.

The venue remains confidential for many reasons including security.  We rigidly enforce security up to and on the night for the comfort of all our Saints and Sinners.

If your tickets do not arrive, email or call us and we will regenerate the download link, or resend them by snail mail. Tickets will NOT be posted if purchased within 7 days of the Ball.

Refund policy

  • 28+ Days: Full Refund
  • -28 Days: Credit at our discretion (12 Months)

This means that tickets cancelled 28 days or more prior to the Ball will be entitled to a full refund. Tickets cancelled less than 28 days prior to the ball will not be refunded, but at our sole discretion, we may choose to allow you to swap your unused tickets for valid ones to a future Ball within the following 12 months.

Saints & Sinners Ball has a strict privacy policy More…

Sinners Club

Membership entitles access to the full online catalogue of pictures and video plus ball ticket discounts and Saints & Sinners merchandise.  More…


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