About S&S

Now in its 30th year (2020), but unfortunately in a state of suspended animation thanks to COVID-19, Saints & Sinners Ball attracts broadminded adults, exhibitionists, and people looking for adult fun in comfortable and safe surroundings.

Guests are mostly adventurous couples adding spice and excitement to their relationships.

Saints & Sinners continues to break new ground, with another year of record attendances, and more horny action in the dark (and not so dark) than ever before.

Prepare to have a good time ~ Saints & Sinners is no-holds barred fun where just about anything goes!

Saints & Sinners is a well organised event:

Door security and security throughout the venue
Changing area and secure cloakroom
Full bar facilities and toilets
Dance music (DJ) and Live Entertainment
BDSM area including whipping frame, stocks and masters
Private fun areas and the famous “Grope box”